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My Halifax Trip

My Halifax Trip by jon bartlett

This past Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to the 'Fax for my
first time in about three years.  When I got there I was sure to try
to hook up with a fellow Sloannetter to get the addresses to the local
record shops.  So I called Mr. Covey, only to hear the tone of his
answering machine.  Then, I had to call the legend Catano.  And
finally, after persistent attempts, I got a hold of him.  Instead of
telling me where the shops were, Catano actually gave me a tour.  I
would at this time like to acknowledge Mike for doing so, it was
greatly appreciated.  Personally, I always thought that Catano was
going to be this tall jock-looking guy with dark hair but I was quite
surprised to see that he was actually a short unjock-looking guy with
lighter hair.  No offense Catano, I was relieved.  So we travelled
down to Sam's where I picked up BEWARE OF BOB, The Sloan 12" and,
after little coaxing (honest), Raleigh Sport.  Mike said that he would
send me the new one if I bought that one so I did (are you confused?).
We also went to Taz, where I bought Leonard Conan (2nd best 'Fax band)
and Dischord, where I got the Moonsocket tape.  Wow, is it ever good!
I don't like Eric's Trip at all but this tape is pure sweetness, Mike wa
s right.  We also ran into Chris on the street and I got to see the lege
nd, Stinkin' Rich, in person.  This probably sounds all too trivial to
Halifaxers but I thought it was cool to see these people in person after
only seeing pictures.  You understand.  Anyway, that's my last two days.
And all I can say is driving in the Wentworth Valley sucks.  And the Med
iterranean is the place to go in Halifax for quick, cheap and good food.
.....all at the same time.  later dudes, jon (kelp record, toolie guy)