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Re: lets talk about...sloan

}SO a real fan wouldn't have expected "Smeared II"?  That's the biggest 
}load of shit i've heard in a while.  what would give anyone reason to 
}think that they wouldn't have put out a logical follow-up to the first 
}record?  who in their right mind would've thunk that they wouldd've gone 
}for such a radical departure?  it's our loss that we're not all as cool 
}and clairvoyent as you.
}mike "bugaboo jones" catano

A real fan would have heard all the post-Smeared songs they were playing 
live, been in contact with the band members in the interim period, and 
known about the content and style of the album months before its release.

Anyone who knows the band very quickly realized that 2R was a perfectly 
logical followup.

Hey, I read that the new G'n'R album will take a new direction, although 
it wasn't stated what that direction will be.  Maybe Axl wants to take over 
for Kurdt?