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"SLAN, it sez slan..."

Ok Kids, here's some really depressing stuff for you to digest
this lovely and snowy evening....

I was talking to Mike Bell, one of the many sexxeee dj's here at
cjsw, who also writes in the entertainment pages of the Calgary
Sun (aka the calgary scum) but who is otherwise a good guy :).
Well, he sez that the A & R guy at MCA confirmed on Friday that
indeed a sloan (SLAN.....get it, indian wisdom tara?) breakup is
so inevitable they can taste it (whatever the hell that means).

He sez he wasn't given any real reason why the breakup is fer
sure, just that sloan as we know it really isn't here anymore.
I also got an email msg from someone we all know and love here on
sloan net who sez that one of andrew's friends sez it's for sure
over. andrew is in a different mindset now that he's been in
Toronto for a while and according to what I was told in this msg,
he wants to be involved in something heavier in which he can sing
and play guitar more. I was also told that criss feels sorta the
same, wanting something different. I don't know if any of this is
true, but since none of us *really* knows what's going on except
for Jay, Patrick, criss, and Andrew, I figured I'd just throw in
my two cents.

However, I don't want to leave it at just that. I really think
it's time *somebody* spoke the truth for once just so thee
loyally devoted can start breathing once again, instead of
getting kicked in the teeth with each new developing rumor. I
really wish someone in the know would just say, hey it's breakup
time, it's uncertainty time, or it's sloan forever time. Y'all
know what I mean? Oh, a gurl can dream, can't she?

btw, make sure to watch the wedge on january 24 (that's five days
before my 22 birthday, for those of you who love me dearly) cause
sloan is supposed to be on. That is if they haven't self
destructed completely by then.

JOEY JOEY zines are on the way to those of you who recently
placed an order, btw.

Any idea on when that alleged sloan 7'' is supposed to be out?

love you all,

tara thee ice weasel, who may very well just overdose on the