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Newf-stuff (for anyone intrested) pt. 2


  I'm not going to argue whether or not anyone gives a damn about us 
people who live on a pebble in the sea, but hey, i'll give my view of 
what's on the go over this way.
   Bung have an album out...."Whole"

   Liz band have a 6 song EP released, with the smart and innovative 
title of "six songs"

   There is a compilation of St Johns band out on the new local 
independant label Best Dressed Records called "Danger: Falling Rock".

   I believe Sheavy are to release something soon

   AfterForever, our local heavy metal thunder, have just released their 
latest CD  "Death of One"

   From what i've heard Potmaster have also recorded

   And finally StirlingSlacks, Unfortunately as of about two weeks or so 
ago, are now defunct.  On the up-side they will be possibly releasing a 
7" of a few live songs that they recorded with the help of indie-rock 
god, Don Ellis, on Mag Wheel records.

   That is basically it for major occurances around here (with possible 
minor discrepancies.)

  Of bands that are going to make an appearance from the mainland are:

    hHead and...<shudder>....Moist.

    FurnaceFace (with, as far as I know, Bung)

    Coyote (playing 2 shows with Bung and Giver, and 2 shows with my 
band, Infant Kit and the Liz Band.)


    Our local Industrial band Draize Eye Test are going to make another 
appearance from the shadowy lands of Memorial Universitys CHMR fm,
    playing with Potatobug, Drive and my new favorite band in 
Newfoundland, CHED.


   There you have it folks.  Not that anyone left of Gander gives a damn 
anyway (apparently).  Maybe you've already dumped this post from your 
box ?! Maybe, the biggest label in the world will buy up the entire 
province of Newfoundland just to make it a preserve for Rock and Rollers 
in the Nuclear War doomed future?!  Maybe i'll just go to English now....


   P.S. :   I love Halifax.