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it's funding drive time at ckdu which means that WE, the station, need 
YOUR, the listening public's, help to stay afloat!

you can pledge me (michael catano) and my show and recieve a lot of cool 
prizes and a chance to win a trip to toronto for two, or a year's pass to 
the birdland, or a year's worth of shiatsu massage therapy, or many other 
rad prizes with a pledge of $25 dollars or more!

you can pledge as little as five dollars, and still recieve some cool 
prizes, as each show has cd's, cassattes, lp's, 7"s, t-shirts, etc. to 
give away.  simply pledge me, then listen to my show (or if you live 
outside of hfx, get me to mail you a list of prizes) and select the prize 
you want. phone 'em up and tell 'em mike sent ya.  it's that easy.

also!! $25 gets you a "friends of ckdu card" which can be used for 
discounts at many fine local boutiques.  woohooo!!

so e-mail me personally at: mcatano\!/is.dal.ca, and send me your:

	phone number
	postal code
	amount you would like to pledge

mike c. (ckdu whore)