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Re: funny stuff

Karma (Carmela Perez) asked:

}I kinda find it funny that sloannet is supposed to be discussion of both
}sloan and the east coast music scene, but the way things go on here, it
}seems that the EAST COAST scene=Halifax.  I don't think that's 
}necessarily true, coming from St. John's; I'd like to hear about bands 
}from ALL OVER the East Coast.
}I'm not even a fan of Sloan.  I thought this list would be a good place 
}to talk about all our local scenes, but it usually seems unreceptive.
}Is it just me?  Will I get crucified for saying I don't like Sloan?

Lots of members don't like Sloan, it's not a requisite.  We realize that 
only about a third of the members are in Halifax and so the rest probably 
don't care where Dischord is moving or Who's playing at Birdland tonite.  
But we talk about it anyway.

There's a strong Newf contingent out there so feel free to talk about 
whatever.  Just don't expect a huge response from the rest of us who don't 
know the clubs & bands you discuss.  It doesn't mean we don't care, we 
just haven't much to add.  Someday maybe we'll all hop a ferry and check 
out your scene, but for those of us who are landlubbers, we'll just have 
to take your word for it.  Hey, your efforts can boost NFLD Tourism!

Hub and others have for a long time kept us up to date on what's up on the 
rock.  Don't stop now!  We're happy to hear about what's up in Truro, 
Moncton, Gander, Dildo, Mississauga, Chapel Hill, Stockholm, Kiev, Taipei, 

Even if Sloan have never played there :)