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ffiction number two

  For anyone interested, our little (well, this time round, its 48
pages) Sloan zine, ffiction #2 is out now. Its really obsessive :)
there's stuff like:
-a sloan cartoon
-how to make a wicked video
-a Cindy interview
-coaxing muchmusic
-a h.post cartoon
-an article on Murderecords
-a spotlight on Steaming Toolie
-An 8-page Sloan photo expose
-a little thing on sloannet fun
-a sloan discography
-an 'I love Tupperware' thingy

..and more. its got continuations of some stuff from number one and blah
blah blah...photocopied pictures, cool art, dumb rants, blah blah blah.

for the address, e-mail me at bi629\!/Freenet.Carleton.ca
or Jil at bl954\!/Freenet.Carleton.Ca

ffiction is free, but we ask that you send two dollars for postage. it
is heavier than number one. :) hmmm...if anyone wants to work out a trade
deal, that would be cool too....

love tara - the one in ottawa, okay? :)

ps..Drew, Shant, Tara W., Gabrielle, Jon Bartlett, Ned : you guys don't
worry about the postage cos i owe you all. :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom