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Rumours travel fast...

Am I to believe, from the few messages that I've read since my return to 
Halifax, that the Sloan break-up rumour originated here?  If so, this 
should amuse you folks.

While driving from my parents home in rural Ontario, into the city to 
catch my flight back home to Halifax, I heard the Sloan rumour on CFNY 
(Toronto's commercial alternative).  They didn't seem too sure about what
was going on, but apparently they had a "press release from Halifax" that
alluded to dissent within Sloan's ranks, and the possibility of a break-up
before Geffen could exercise the renewal option on the contract.

The DJ was musing that it sounded like a press stunt to kick-start Geffen 
into re-releasing _Twice_Removed_ in the States where it was "Sadly under 

So, James, you're in the business of writing Press Releases now, are you?


	The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us 
		   to have foolish thoughts.  -Orwell