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halifax herald story

from the Herald, thursday jan 5/95, tim arsenault

	An overactive imagination on the Internet
kept Sloan manager Chip Sutherland working the
phones the last couple of days.
	A recent posting to Sloan.net [sic], an
area of the worldwide computer web dedicated to
the comings and goings of the Halifax rock band,
had them mulling over a break-up over the 
	Sutherland said Wednesday that the group
will be touring through February and does face a
business crossroads in March.
	Geffen, the band's U.S.-based record 
label, has the option of releasing two more 
albums by the group but Sutherland has done his
lawyerly best to provide the band with its own 
way out of the relationship -- if that's what the
members want.
	"Basically, they're doing what every
other band does," Sutherland said.  "Geffen says
they still have the record in them" that would be
a success in the U.S.
	That will be decision time for the four-
piece group, credited with bringing international
attention to Halifax's burgeoning independent 
rock scene the release of its debut album 
_Smeared_ in 1992.
	Twice Removed, the group's second record,
was released last year to critical acclaim but
little sales in the U.S.  Sales and acclaim have
been more equal in Canada.
	"So I advised them to tour, do what 
you're supposed to do when you're in a band, have
fun.  In March they'll decide.  This is just a 
band at a natural crossroads."

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