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Re:new Dischord space

Since I bullied my way in before they officially opened, and snooped 
around the up and downstairs, Ithink I can answer all the ?s.
	First, if you didn't know, Dischord is a used record/new "indie" 
music/"we sell anything on consignment (music and music paraphernalia 
like T-shirts)" store downtown.
	Second, the downstairs of the new place is a teeny bit larger 
than the old location, plus there's this weird back room (which is pretty 
big, maybe 5 people could comfortably fit), and a weirder back staircase 
which leads to an upstairs balcony thing behind a windowed wall that's 
maybe 2 1/2 feet by 6 1/2 feet (the room, not the wall).  The only thing 
that's up there now is a gold maniquin, I mean mannikin, I mean a model 
of the human body, O.K.?  It reminded me of the James Bond movie Goldfinger.
	Third, On Tuesday, Frank and Tracy didn't know themselves what 
time Moonsocket would be playing, but it is Saturday at some point.
	If anyone has any questions, or they want Dischord's address for 
distribution purposes, you can write me and I'll  get you in touch.
	I'm going to go find a dictionary to look up manni.. that word.
			Peace, love, and Moonsocket shows,