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Re: happy new year!

barbara wrote:

>Well, please tell me how the shows at Brunswick hall went (30th & 31st) 
>cuz I like to hear what else goes on outside my work every new years eve. 

i missed the new year's eve show, maybe someone else could review that.
dec 30th was a decent show.  somerdale are pretty good.  they're worth
hearing.  this is joel plaskett of thrush hermit on drums, matt kelly
of essen on guitar, plus kristine and lonna (have i got their names
spelled right?).  it seems to be sort of girl-punk-lite.  there isn't
too much bite to what they do.  cheticamp don't excite me.  they have
a couple good songs, and the cinnamon toast single is a good listen.
i think the band is just *too* laid back for me, and that's saying
something, 'cause i like codeine and the cowboy junkies.  jale didn't
do a "wow, we're back in town so let's rock out" show, they did their
"at last we're back home and we can relax" show.  it was worth the
money.  the one song that they really cranked out was a new one that
they had never played publicly before -- it sounds great.


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