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Re: new dischord/moonsocket?

Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca> asked...

}I'd like to know how long Dischord will be out of commission. They must be
}moving to somewhere upstairs in that building...he can say goodbye to
}off the street shoppers...

Their window sign at the old place said Jan. 6th, but that may be either 
the moving date or the reopening date.  I bet they'll be open tomorrow.

And, since the storefront is still street level, is the gig space 
upstairs, or is there really a lot of room in there?  I mean, you'd never 
have fit a band in the old room.

BTW I heard that Wayne Nicholson is playing at Taz on the 14th... :)

And Plumtree once booked a gig at Track, but nobody but that creepy owner 
showed up, and his mother told him to kill them, so while they were 
showering before the gig he came in with a big knife and...