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Even More Catano References

    I was watching Star Trek (TOS) the other day and it was the one where 
Spock, Bones, Scotty, and a few expendable crewmen (and one expendable 
crew woman, shot in traditional fuzzy focus closeups, but I digress) crash 
their shuttle on a planet inhabited by 12-ft tall Neanderthals with huge 
Styrofoam (tm) spears and they have to use phaser power to recharge the 
shuttle and get into orbit.  Anyway there was one crewman who questioned 
every order Spock gave and generally whined about everything that went on 
and Dammit, Jim, I could have sworn they were calling him "Mr. Catano" but 
by the end of the show it became apparent that his name was Guytano or 
something like that.
    Still, the similarity was remarkable, although he didn't look much 
like our pal Mikey.
    So anyway, our official SloanNet bugaboo gets mentioned in places more 
surprising than Lou Barlow CDs, even on TV shows filmed long before his 
    And by the way, I seem to recall that Plumtree survived a similar 
stranding on a planet inhabited by apemen, but there was one nice ape 
named Galen who helped them escape...