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Re: new dischord/moonsocket?

katrina grentz <kgrentz\!/fox.nstn.ns.ca> asked:

}Heard that moonsocket are supposed to be playing at the new dischord 
}location on granville street on saturday...anyone know what time?

How big is this space?  I saw the sign on their window saying they'd be 
moving in between JWD & the Book Room: I didn't realize there was a 
building between those two properties!

I guess Frank is making a profit, despite discussions on this net to the 
contrary (the "Dissin' Dischord" debate of '94).

}Will there be any more shows at the oasis now that birdland is up & running?

Apparently Rowan is quite happy to continue bookings there.

}***Another question: just 2min ago (on muchmusic's fax) there was a brief 
}report about the sloan breakup...how did muchmusic get wind of this? Do 
}they have access to sloannet (silly question I guess)? Hmmmmmm.......

Well, it made the cover of The Daily News (courtesy of big brother Dave), 
so probably someone at Much reads the Entertainment sections of national 
papers, or it even made the news wire.