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Sloan calling it quits

In today's Daily News, there is a 1/2 pg(with front page photo) article 
on Sloan's possible demise.
It says that the rumors are in part true. The band doesn't know if they 
want to continue being a major lable band. So in March DGC has to decide 
whether or not to continue with Sloan for another 2 albums. Sloan will 
decide if the will be a band for DGC to get to more albums from. 
It's all pretty scarey. I'll more later, but I have to get to class.

I guess if Sloan does break up one good thing will come out of it.........
                   "If Sloan does disband, it'll perform a 
                   farewell concert in Halifax in March"

Atleast we will get a show soon:)   
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