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Re:Re Xmas Presents

To answer Tara's question, the "People Of the Sky" promo only has the 
one song. It has real good sketches by H.G.Scott
(Andrew's father I assume) of Andrew's mother(assumed). 

Today I went to buy my presents, to me from me, and picked up 
PlumTree's Flutterboard, Redd Kross' Visonary(with Disco Bitch, for those 
who know the song), the Ctoast cd(Trim Crusts...) and a KISS video. 
             Season's Greetings.....
P.S. Mike, do you tell people what to get you (or buy it yourself ,like 
me, and then sell to family), my friends and family would never remember 
of all the stuff I'd listen too. I am glad to see got lots of music for 
you to review for us. 

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