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Re: forgot a wee little detail....

this is about the skid row incident...
(i couldn't include the original message like you all do cuz i'm so dumb 
with the computer!)

I'm copying this straight out of discorder magazine, if i'm allowed to do 
that...(written by sean raggett and dale sawyer...just so it's not 

"Vancouver's favorite interviewer extraordinaire Nardwar the Human 
Serviette was recently on assignment to interview major label rockers 
skid row during their recent recording sessions at a local studio. But 
before he even made it through his third question, the pasty cock-rockers 
assaulted the bewildered interviewer, slamming him against a wall and 
stripping him of several possessions. In the vicious attack, the 
snakeskin cowboy boot singer, Sebastian Bach, ripped the tape out of 
nardwuar's video recorder and stomped it to little bits (the mangled tape 
contained interviews with non-poseur stars like pierre trudeau, sandra 
bernhard and hole singer courtney love) Not willing to stop there, the 
superstar wankers stripped him of his favorite toque (a gift from his 
mother on the occassion of his birth) and the reporter was only able to 
save his video camera by a last resort tactic: He cried. A represenative 
from warner records, skid row's label, was reportedly extremely 
unsympathetic and uncooperative in obtaining a replacement tape or an 
apology for the unprovoked attack by the evil corporate glamsters." 

whew! that was a lot of typing for me.