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SPINE \!/ birdland

review:  SPINE \!/ birdland dec 22/94

spine rawked out last night... again.  this 
band never lets me down.  i gotta watch the
superlatives, though, or ledden will get a
swelled head.  :-)

the band did *great* versions of "my garden",
"meanwhile", and "manic dignity".  plus they
introduced a new arrangement of "autumn".
david seemed underwhelmed (hee hee) by the
audience reaction on that one: "well, *i*
like it.  *we* like it."  :-)  it sounded
good to me too.

spine took full advantage of birdland's
snazzy new sound system, including a little
tasteful use of the vocal echo pedal.  dave
used it about one-tenth as often as what
chris logan used it at the coyote gig, by
way of comparison.

david is also mr. between-song-banter.  my
favorite last night:  "what do you think
this is, a *democracy*?  *we* play; *you*

both trevor and jason added little bits to
their drumming and guitar playing, respectively,
that i hadn't seen before.  every time i see
them, i think there's nothing they can do to
make it better, and then they make it better.

not as big a crowd last night as spine would
sometimes get at the double deuce, but not 
bad for a thursday night three nights before

shine factory opened last night.  they were 
much better than the last time that i heard
them.  they can play.  ballcap grunge bands
aren't exactly my thing, but they didn't suck.


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