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Re: we are bouncing into birdland

On Sun, 18 Dec 1994, James R. Covey wrote:

> review:        plumtree + trike + strawberry + leonard conan
> + REBECCA WEST + COYOTE \!/ BIRDLAND (formerly Brunswick Hall)
> saturday december 17 (and well into sunday december 18) 1994
> release party for cinnamon toast _trim crusts if desired_ CD
> ------------------------------------------------------------

> PLUMTREE rocked out, even more so than at the pop explosion.
> they've really got it together -- they're tighter than ever
> and their music has retained all its charm while amping it
> up a bit.  as mike graham would say, plum tree make me happy.
> still haven't had a chance to listen through their cassette.

	I've only seen them a coupla times before, but I must agree with 
the Covey-man...Plumtree rocked out.  Plumtree are pretty damn cool.
> TRIKE were better than i've ever seen them.  they went back

	This was the first time I've ever seen trike, but again, I must 
agree that they were extremely good.
> STRAWBERRY just keep getting louder.  one begins to wonder

	I just never got into strawberry, I guess.  I didn't find their 
set to be anything special, but not really a chore to listen to either.

> LEONARD CONAN were just finishing their set when i got back
> to birdland...but maybe someone who actually saw the set could  
> confirm.

	Oh, yes, you are correct, sir.  Leonard Conan are wicked.  I never 
really liked them when I saw them before, but I heard just two songs 
from their set that night, and I was convinced that I must have their 
E.P. (I bought it before I left).

> REBECCA WEST, with five gigs under their belt, two with the 
> present lineup, have turned into one of the *best* bands in 
> halifax.
	Again, I am forced to agree.

> lucas really knows how to use a steak knife on a bass guitar.

	I noticed the knife stuck in his bass near the beginning of their 
set, and I'd have been damned if I knew what it's purpose was.

> COYOTE put on their best set yet, of the ones i've seen.  chris
> logan is still a rock god.  of the two bands resulting from the
> bubaiskull split, coyote are definitely closer in sound to 
> bubaiskull than rebecca west are.  but coyote are no carbon copy,

	Coyote were the perfect choice to end this show.  They RAWK!  
Plain and simple.  Coyote are the best new band I have heard in a long 
time.  I anxiously await any recording they put out.  Although I'd 
_like_ to see them do a couple of Bubaiskull songs.  Eelmonkey would have 
fit in perfectly with their set.

	Anyway, that's all from me.

Steve Dinn				SBDINN\!/is.dal.ca
Dalhousie University			SDINN\!/ug.cs.dal.ca
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

	"Those who gossip to you will also gossip of you."
		-on a sign outside a church in Moncton.