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we are bouncing into birdland

review:        plumtree + trike + strawberry + leonard conan
+ REBECCA WEST + COYOTE \!/ BIRDLAND (formerly Brunswick Hall)
saturday december 17 (and well into sunday december 18) 1994
release party for cinnamon toast _trim crusts if desired_ CD

	first of all, i have to say that the transformation
that came over brunswick hall and turned it into "birdland"
is really quite amazing.  i guess the idea with the name is
that greg clark's clubs before the deuce -- waldo's and the
flamingo -- were both named after birds.  anyways, the place
looks like a combination of the flamingo, waldo's, and the
double deuce.  the license says the place has a capacity of
650.  no doubt they could pack in more people than that.

	there's a raised area at the back and to one side,
and the seats at those tables have a *really* good view.  as
well, the large (compared to the deuce) dance floor has rails
with shelves on them where people can lean, put their beer,
etc.  there's also a shelf all along the side and back wall.
the raised area is raised enough that people can stand 
directly in front of it without obstructing anyone's view.

	there's also a walled-off area to one side where the
cover does not apply ('cause you can't see the band) with
tables and its own bar and two pool tables.  when coyote hit
the stage around 2:15 a.m., they opened a big set of doors
so that people could move freely between the two areas.

	birdland is going to be a great venue.

PLUMTREE rocked out, even more so than at the pop explosion.
they've really got it together -- they're tighter than ever
and their music has retained all its charm while amping it
up a bit.  as mike graham would say, plum tree make me happy.
still haven't had a chance to listen through their cassette.

TRIKE were better than i've ever seen them.  they went back
to their 4-person lineup (they were a trio at the pop
explosion) and it worked very well, in my opinion.  the new
sound system enhanced their poppy post-hardcore thing, which
is quite continuous in many ways with their predecessor band,
the quahogs.  someone said to me last night that maybe that
quahogs track that's on the compilation will make the quahogs
single catch on, now that pop-punk bands like green day are
getting popular.

STRAWBERRY just keep getting louder.  one begins to wonder
what the connection is between this band, with five players
including three of the four original members, and the bunch
of mellow folkies from the island who first played the deuce.
on "buried treasure" they sounded like they were trying too
hard to make it rock.  it's a boppy song!  it's not really
dramatic, even when they try to make it so.  anyways, it was
a pretty good set, but the crowd were definitely not into it
like they were for trike.

LEONARD CONAN were just finishing their set when i got back
to birdland (mike graham, jim cooper and i ducked out to grab
a slice of pizza).  so i can't tell you if they were good.
the pizza was really good though.  it was $2/slice at king of
donair on quinpool road.  this has been an unpaid announcement.
that last song that i walked in on was "anybody's guess," my
fave track on their cintoast single.  it sounded like they were
doing a really good version of it and i guess i could 
extrapolate that they were much tighter than their oasis show.
but maybe someone who actually saw the set could confirm.  :-)

REBECCA WEST, with five gigs under their belt, two with the 
present lineup, have turned into one of the *best* bands in 
halifax.  they've got their own sound now -- i think that some
of the poppier, hardship postlike numbers have even been 
dropped from their set.  lucas really knows how to use a 
steak knife on a bass guitar.  :-)  like at the oasis show, i
was reminded of come at certain points.  i guess their album
has been recorded!  so it's gotta be mixed and mastered and
then it will be put out on cinnamon toast, and they're gonna
tour it with plum tree in tow.  don't miss them when they come
to your town this spring, that's my advice.

COYOTE put on their best set yet, of the ones i've seen.  chris
logan is still a rock god.  of the two bands resulting from the
bubaiskull split, coyote are definitely closer in sound to 
bubaiskull than rebecca west are.  but coyote are no carbon copy,
and they don't do any bubaiskull numbers.  i love the song names:
"don't let your friends find you dead," "good god damn" ("god is
good, god damn!  god is good..." ).  the crowd has thinned 
considerably by the time coyote hit the stage at 2:20.  this 
cabaret license that lets birdland stay open 'til 3:30 a.m. is
gonna make for some rather late gigs unless they get bands to
finish in time for people to dance.


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