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Re: Cross-Border Shopping (re: _trim crusts if desired_

}Subject:        Re: Cross-Border Shopping (re: _trim crusts if desired_
}To:             RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca
}Date sent:      Sat, 17 Dec 94 18:02:42 MST
}From:           "Tara Lee Wittchen" <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca>

}Hey andrew,
}Um, I am an idiot when it comes to numbers and money, but sending
}$4 american cash to cover a $4 canadian price would be great for
}the canadian cause their dollar is worth more than ours. But
}sending $4 can. to an american for a $4 am. price would be bad
}because as I said above, their dollar is worth more than ours.
}that's why when you buy a comic or a magazine or book it'll say
}$2.50 usa
}$3.95 canada
}or some lame ass thing like that.

Entirely correct.  I simply neglected to consider any of that stuff and 
blindly sent the guy $4 like he asked me to.  It was just a handmade 
compilation that some guys on a metal mailing list put together and I 
asked for a copy.  I assume that the Swedish guys sent him U$ money but the 
idea just never occured to me.

And the US/Can book pricing is partly exchange, partly shipping (at least 
for US printed books, but most canadian printings I think won't have 2 
prices on them, at least not the ones sold here)

}Not that I'm being anal retentive or anything. I got an american
}dollar the other day for my zine which sells for $ 2 - 5
}canadian. Even tho I'm losing out cause of the postage, it's
}still ok. Not that this is a very coherent point. Not that I'm
}making any sense.

One American dollar??  That I think would suck.

}But James is right in saying sending $15 am. would cover the cost
}of postage.

Yeah, it would, but if you get nailed for $4 by the bank for the exchange 
it would suck.  Did I mention that I had mailed a cheque, so he was 
charged for cashing a canadian cheque to US cash, not just for exchanging 

}Have a great weekend and stuff!!!!!! :)

You too!

}the one with red hair in calgary whom everyone has been confusing
}lately with the one in ottawa who is 5 years younger than me and
}has brown hair, allegedly.

Jeez... Does this mean that now I've met two red haired indie rock chicks 
from Calgary by Email, and the other one is named Tamra Lee?!?  This is 
too weird!!

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}man am i fried from exams!!!!

Man am I glad that Ph.D. students don't have to take classes in their last 
2 years!

Sorry :)

Merry Christmas, relax, have a good time.