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stuff, other stuff, and more stuff.

well, that evened out in the end.  i just
unsubbed 10 people for the holidays, then
added 10 new subscribers.  there's 125 of
us right now.  welcome to new people!

remember, if you want to unsub, send yr
requests to me!  not the list!


got it?

a tidbit for you all:  at the lil orton
gig \!/ the oasis, i talked to chris murphy,
who is getting some lessons in using his
computer, and may be joining us online
soon.  patrick's girlfriend sandra reports
that chris is not the world's most patient
student.  :-)

for those of you wondering, no members of
sloan are currently subscribed to sloan 
net.  there are, however, various other
interesting musician types.  as a general
rule, the crankiest people on the net are
musicians and me.

a reminder:  coyote tonight at the khyber.
i can't make it but i know the rest of
you can, especially those of you in the usa.

hey!  the cinnamon toast compilation c.d.,
_trim crusts if desired_, is here!  fifteen
songs by thirteen artists!  it's way wicked.
i'll review it in an upcoming post.  it's
got one track from each cinnamon toast 
single, plus a demo track by rebecca west.

i know i owe mail to a bunch of you.
i'll get to you all soon.  i'm rather swamped.


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