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Bad luck for Plumtree?

I was chatting with a couple of the gals from Plumtree this morning, and 
I told them about all of the posts about their misfortunes that have been 
floating around.  Now, of course, they want to see them.  If anybody has 
any of them archived, couldya fire them my way?  Don't bother re-posting 
them, but I'd like to print a couple of them off. :)
	They WERE saying though, that they do have terrible luck... so maybe 
if you fire some my way they can be like warnings or something... I dunno.

And yeah, that band which starts with 'M' followed by 'oist'... they 
were as bad as Catano and Dacey were saying.  Almost painful really.  


ps don't mind my incoherence. It's exams.

	The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us 
		   to have foolish thoughts.  -Orwell