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Leeeeeeeetle Oooooooorton Hawgit


ifn you all weren't at the OweAsis on Deeeecember 8th, you missed one 
shindig.  Little Orton Hoget and the 10 cent wings were super spicy.  
Little Orton was a might licquored up, but he deeelivered, right on 
target.  Yessir, playin' my old favoright tunes, Hillbilly Heaven, She 
Thinks I still care, and Louie Louie(I caint believe I sunk this low and 
shut up ya bum) just ta name a few.  One fine looking band too, they was 
all gussied up in them thar ten gallon hats, even made the drummer look 
presentibl(tho' I find 'im hard ta unerstand with that strange axent).  
A new grunge type band opened up for 'em called Steamboat somethin' or 
other, one rawkus band a varmits, all sorta sound like Mark Gaudet when 
they sing.

Well, happy birthday to me, I'm awf ta Muncton to see my kin an' my old 
hound dawg Jack(ie). bie

At least you're still in one piece, look at me - C3P0

Jim Cooper