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new Nils tribute 7"!!!

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James please forward this to the list, I cant remember the adress. Thanks.

Potbelly's split 7" with the Stand GT on Mag Wheel Records is now out.
It is a Nils tribute record. Potbelly does SCRATCHES AND NEEDLES while
the Stand Gt do WHEN LOVE PUTS ON A SAD FACE. It is a vailable from
Mag Wheel direct: send $4 + $1 postage ($5 total) to:
Mage Wheel
Mag Wheel
po box 115, Stn. R
Montreal, PQ
H2S 3K6

Also out next week is DANGER: FALLING ROCK a cassette comp. featuring
18 St.John's bands. On the tape are a song each by:
Afterforever, Pasht, Darshiva, Ditch, Potbelly, Infant Kit, Dredheavy,
cabmen, Potatobug, Bung, Potmaster, Ched, Stirlingslacks, Adlib, Sheavy,
the Liz Band, and Resistorhead.
It is the first release on Best Dressed Records, Newfoundlands answer to
Stay tuned to find out how to get a copy.
Any questions? E-mail me.

Peace, HUB

by the way Doug Jones (ex Potbelly guitarist) is moving to Halifax.
Justin Hall is leaving Bung.
Winter is here, but luckily the liquor store is open.

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