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moist/hHead ala jon

ok hey there...

dont even think of posting anything that says "why do i have to sit through
moist shit on this list" ok...so shut up and read...

ok me and catano hung out at the catano res for awhile playing the usual
supermario kart for a while listening to ex essen bassist mike edwards new
tape..its wacky..go buy it when it comes out... anyhow i was feeling kindsa
uneasy about he whole thing ...but i got myself focussed..listened to some
fugazi so i wouldnt froget what real music was ...and then left...

anyhow yes as mike said it was creppy sitting there waiting for moist ...i felt
really weird..like people might think i liked them.. i wish i could wear some
tshirt that said "i got these tickets for free and only came to see hhead and
laugh at moist" Anyhow i persevered...

so hhead took the stage and wow i was quite impressed... i was worried cause
noahs sound blew in the first song but he kept screwing with his amp and by the
3rd song it was mighty heavy.. so anyhow noah tastefully balzed his way through
some really wicked guitar stuff that left me totally impressed.. the bassist
was hilarious... they were amazingly tight.. played the hits ..none of their
songs were dull ..in all a great performance...

anyhow then came waiting for moist... by this time it was becoming aparant that
i was surrounded by alot of people who really liked moist.. ihad started an
unnofficial smashing pumpkins/pearl jam shirt count but it sorta became
pointless when people id seen earlier wearing the lame shirts by those lame
bands were now brandishing lame moist apparel ....so anyhow moist finally took
to the stage..it was scarry peole (girls) were actually screaming for them
"moist moist moist" ...brrrrrrr...

anyhow thee rules moist broke: aka why moist suck musically and otherwise:

	1: they have a singer who does nothing else... is there a band with a
singer who just sings and are actually good (other than sabbath) ? i mean pearl
jam and rem are pinacle examples of this.. when a guy is just singing he tends
to get bored durring the solos and crap and also feels the need to do lame
things with the mic stand and in general dance around like an idiot...

	2. Keyboard: ouch the cardinal rule...ugh... especially if he has long
flowy blond metal hair and thinks he's john lord from deep purple (the ole
rockin the keyboard back and forth)...also broke the rule that states funky
piano solos should be avoided at all times...

	3. slap bass...get funky you little dweeb..leave it to the master
bootsy and not yer white ass...

	4. roady on stage for something other than roady Shit ...especially if
hes breaking a rule like the next one:

	5. harmonica..ugh..right up there with tamborine...

	6. les paul's... the worst rock guitar in the world ..quite possibly
why so many bands sound exactly the same..cause they all use les pauls and
	7. stage diving

	8. blues rock... ugh put it away white boy.. see why pearl jam are not
punk rock ...
	9. wah wah pedals... the most over used effect in the world...

	10. the stage face: they all broke this one ...the orgasm grimace like
hes about to cum right there...

	11. the sing along with your guitar solo..especially deadly if used in
cunjuncture with the above 2

	12: the hand motions from hell... again use them with the above 3 and
your treading on thin ice..

	13: grabbing each other... piggy backs and what not are stupid.. the
singer actually bit the guitarist on the shoulder not to mention humpin them on
	14. playing while lying on the floor.. see acdc's who made who video
for the originsal... the singer liked to knock the guitar player down and he
just wouldnt bother get up....

	15. drum solo to kill time...

	16. the "joke" cover..in this case billy jean by michael jackson...

	17. ridiculous adience thank you's "you guys are the best" "you fucking
rule" "you guys were intense"

	18: smoking while playing..

	19. drinking beer while playing..

	20. sparying the audience with water,,

thats just a fraction of some things i could think of off the top of my
head..and moist did em all and multiple times...

and when i got home i realized they sound exactly like bon jovi... is believe
me any different then that new bon jovi hit? nope...

anyhow im all moisted out right now...

and like mike said noah from head summed it all up with the clssic :you didnt
pay did you?...

in a side note i was impressed by how nice and friendly hhead were..especially
noah who was really cool to me and mike... theyre comming back in the spring
..go see them..



	gunl    efce  =is rb