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Re: plum tree's trials and tribulations

> }Subject:        Re: plum tree's trials and tribulations
> }To:             RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca
> }Date sent:      Tue, 6 Dec 94 21:32:22 MST
> }From:           "Tara Lee Wittchen" <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca>
> }yeah, you mentioned it was yer birthday a few times, party boy.
> }:)
> }
> }now go celebrate.
> }
> }tara
> I did.  Thanks.  A nice steak dinner with my s.o.
> Have a good one, and thanks for all the attention.  You're so sweet.
> I guess that is why Chris is so fat :)
> --
> "This music *speaks* to me!!"-- Steve Martin, _The Jerk_
> Andrew P. Rodenhiser, Ph.D. Candidate RODENHISER\!/CHEM1.CHEM.DAL.CA
> Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Canada   or APRODEN\!/AC.DAL.CA

I only WISH that the fact that I'm so sweet is the reason why
Chris is so fat.

sigh, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Man, I have to get a life....

Tara, whose birthday is January 29 and since I wished you a happy
birthday, Steakboy, you better remember mine. ;)

hee hee