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country stars matt & chris murphy

oh my god, i nearly pissed myself laughing last night.
of course, i'd had three draught.  not to mention sharing
30 hot wings (10c each!) with the cooper man.

you *have* to see chris murphy in his red checkered shirt,
brown slacks, and straw hat...  putting on a german accent.

has to be seen to be believed.
chris was the drummer for the band, by the way.

it's been months since i had that much pure fun at a gig.
the funniest moment was when matt, whoops, i mean lil orton
was about to do his big fiddle solo, and he swatted his
lead guitarist (charles austin) with the bow, and it fell
apart!  simultaneous and spontaneously, the big export A
"plugged" sign fell off the wall.  if it had been planned,
it couldn't have been timed better.  the lead singer of
cleveland steamer was sitting on someone's lap, and he
fell off and literally rolled on the floor laughing.

and yes, lil orton and his band, whom he introduced as
"the ten cent wings", were yelled back for an encore.
jim yelled, and then i did, for "louie, louie" (lil
orton recorded a oneoff version for the louie louie
marathon on ckdu last week), and lil orton looked
over at me and yelled "aw, shaddap, ya bum!".  then
he said, "all right, we're going to do louie louie.
i can't believe i've sunk this low."  first he did
a hilarious imitation of al tuck doing louie louie,
then he and the band did a country version.  during 
the song members of the band left the stage until orton
threw his guitar and followed them.  it was priceless!

what made the evening even more bizarre was the
choice of local grungeboy band, cleveland steamer,
as the opening act.  they literally scared some
country fans out of the room.  quote of the evening
comes from their singer:  "this song was inspired
by pearl jam.  just like all our songs."

james :-)

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