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Re: intended for sloan net

On Wed, 7 Dec 1994, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> }they also recorded in cali, which means that they had to travel to cali 
> }and stray there for however long it took them to record.
> I had to ask, Mike, in what manner did they "stray" while in Cali?  Did 
> they enter an underworld of crime, drugs, and prostitution?  Did they 
> wander unsuspectingly off the public beach and into the adjacent nudist 
> colony?  Or did they get lost in South Central LA?
> :)

actually, they saw some guy get killed by the mob while they were taking 
a short cut home through so. central, and had to spend the rest of the 
night caught up in a seemy underworld, avoiding imminant death, all to a 
soundtrack that rolling stone magazine would call "groundbreaking and 
compelling" and give four stars, ~ ¯¯

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