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Re: popexplosionreview

Per L}ngstr|m <s94pla\!/csd.uu.se> entertained us with this "review"

}.. anyway, here is the melody maker review
}on the pop explosion. it was published november 12 and jonathan selzer wrote 
}New Brunswick Hall, Halifax

"New" Brunswick???

}Neil Young's relocation to the ....

How'd he get on this list again??

}BLONDE RED HEAD, a band so unforseeably beautiful,
}so absorbed in their own integrity we should be looking for unnamed
}constellations to enshrine them now. Two identical Italian twins, two
}Japanese female guitarists and two voices that sound like the last
}angels left in heaven.

Gee, is he caught up in the "girl band" mystique?

}THRUSH HERMIT like to spread their pain around. All three guitarists get
}to sing, occasionally combining forces into swelling harmonies pumped
}full of just-corrupted innocence. It looks good, a united yet vulnerable
}front, but at least three times tonight they remind me of Ride. This 
}counts against them. Let's hope time becomes a great wounder.

I can think of a lot of bands who are more into "pain" than TH.

}There once was a time when menace became an absurdity. SIX FINGER SATELLITE
}bring it all back. This is the sound of New Wave-the real stuff, none
}of the New-won-wer shit-after it's been spiked. It's all pathogenetically
}clogged riffs laced with sci-fi synth pulses, and fronted by a fever-pitch
}snarl from a deadpan showman with a habit for crawling on top of his
}audience. Awesome.

Only because he's never seen Bubaiskull

}Indie's answer to the New Man is the New Dork, and HARDSHIP POST are the 
}latest, most pitifully complacent incarnation. "What do I know?" they 
}whimper. Well, now they know I hate their f***ing guts.

Hee Hee.  Sorry, folks, this is the only section of his review I had to 
agree with.

}SCARCE have Chick Graning, ex-Anastasia Screamed and subject of Neil
}Kulkarni's quasi-sexual fantasies, the world's coolest bassist and a 
}wonderfully perplexed EP called "Red". Tonight they play good-time grunge
}instead, and I'm too drunk and too undiscrening to care.

Your loss, buddy.

}The final Sunday is the all-ages show only. I've been conscientiously
}avoiding these up til now, largely because young people are crap. They 
}like any old shit. TRIKE and SUPERFRIENDZ f'instance.

In-depth reporting, Jon.  Where did you study Journalism?

}ERIC'S TRIP, though, are becoming legendary. They are not just a band
}, more of an entity, in that they've come to symbolise a form of 
}independence that no one can co-opt. They are small-town autobiographical
}, but unconventionally epic (like The Cure, say), mixing experimentalism
}with rabid-fire guitar'n'drums onslaughts, and filtering that through two
}wholly androgynous vocalists. Ther's a massive fan support network around
}them now and this is the one case where a Canadian band has left a 
}definitive mark, simply because they've never had to need to try.
}You'll instictively understand. It's a personal experience.  

"Wholly androgynous"?  One is over six feet tall and an utter bean pole, 
the other is seven months pregnant??  I don't even think he can get away 
with calling their voices androgynous.

Who is this guy, anyway?

Thanks for posting this, Per.  This is even funnier than what Dacey 
would've done to Moist!