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Re: plum tree's trials and tribulations

    I seem to recall reports that they were cruising across town in Mom's 
station wagon to pick up a friend at the bus station, when they got a flat 
and were towed away by a truck driver with a hook for one hand, who shot 
up his wife's house because she was screwing around on him, and they hid 
in a car that was being stolen, and the car thief took them back to the 
chop shop where the boss of the ring locked them up in his office and one 
of them picked up a magazine without knowing that it had incriminationg 
notes in it, and they escaped through the back door of a nearby blues club 
where Albert King forced them to sing the "Babysittin' Blues", which by 
the way was actually how Plumtree got started in the music business.
    I won't get into how Thor enters the picture.

Older & Wiser,