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For any folks in the halifax area planning to head to the oasis tonight 
to see Coyote here's some info which might sweeten the deal...

>From what i gather the opening act will feature one joel plaskett on the 
skins.  Mr. Plaskett is well known for his Thrush Hermit guitar stylings, 
but apparently his drumming is also a sight (sound?) to be seen.  

Early reports have likened his sound to Robin Banks of Tim Robbins 
Experience fame. ;-)  Fronting will be Lonna and Kristine...i'm not sure 
who plays what, or what they're called but it should be interesting.

Also, word on the streets has it that Stinkin' Rich will also be taking 
to the stage before Coyote.

That said, i don't know about the rest of you punks but i'm going early.


Mike N.