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grace babies revisited

so there you go folks, grace babies are now
the #1 band on ckdu, and they can't *kill*
for a gig in halifax, according to mike
graham according to waye mason.

myself, i've been warming up to the grace
babies tape.  at first, like i said, all
i could hear were the similarities to
sloan and thrush hermit.

but they do kinda have their own sound,
if you ignore that sucky soundgarden
knockoff on side two of the tape.  and
you can't deny the fact that it's a 
really well-recorded, well-performed,
well-produced tape.  no question about
that.  there's four really good songs
out of the six on the cassette.

this is so bizarre.  if the deuce was
still under greg clarke, they'd have
a place to play...  as it is...
i wonder if they've looked into 
playing at the khyber bldg.

just one more example of how the halifax
scene has sucked since the deuce fiasco.

see you at the oasis tonight.  coyote.


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