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Discorder back on the net (with Eric's Trip and Sloan)

just thought i'd let y'all know that Discorder, that magazine from CiTR 
101.9fm is up and happening on the net still.  I'm in the process of 
tidying a few things up, but it's more or less there.  This month's issue 
features an interview with Julie from Eric's Trip (check your next 
message) --but it won't be at the gopher site until monday-- and 
october's features an interview with Patrick Pentland from back in 
september...there's some interesting things there, but i won't clog up 
your mailboxes moreso...
so, to get to Discorder, should anyone care to know, here's what you do.

Find a way to UBC's gopher server, by choosing a selection on your home 
system like "Other gopher and information servers," and look for UBC

Once at the "View UBC" screen, choose Administrative Services
then choose AMS - the UBC Student's Association
then choose AMS Clubs, Constituencies and Service Organizations
then choose Service Organizations
then choose CiTR and the rest should be pretty easy

as well, we have the Vancouver/Lower Mainland local music directory with 
a few hundred bands' contact locations/numbers, and NCRA addresses, as 
well as some local zines.  I'd like to provide a list of other radio 
stations and local music sites, so if anyone who's got one (i.e. the 
Halifax site) could send me the info outside of SloanNet, that'd be great.

Additionally, i believe that you can reach the same area (citr) by 
gopher://ams.ubc.ca/11n%3a/clubsetc/serviceo   but i don't know if i'm 
explaining that correctly, soooo if someone out there could help me 
give directions in a more coherent manner, i'd really appreciate it 

As i said above, there's still some tidying up to be done, so please 
excuse the mess if that's what you find, but generally, there should be a 
lot of neat things there.

in the next month or two our gopher server should be capable of using 
hypertext, so at that time i can get some links going...

PS any feedback, advice, comments, etc are greatly appreciated, so send 
'em if ya got 'em.

brian (aka bwwieser\!/unixg.ubc.ca)