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Eric's Trip

The first time i saw her lifeless body floating over me i couldn't belive 
it.  So beautiful i couldn't move up another stair towards her, she's 
coming closer.  

I rubbed my stoned eyes back into my head.  I moved backwards as she kept 
coming closer.  She wrapped her white arms around my waist, and i could see 
her eyes focused on my ...

yup, new Eric's Trip 7", "notes from Stereo mountain", it came with my 
Forever Again LP.  It's a comic book with a soundtrack, it's pretty cool.  
It's not a rocking 7", acoustic guitar, minimal percussion, and Rick's
talking/whispering vocal.  The comic is really great, Uber Eric.  I don't 
who you order it from, probably Sappy, though it's got SubPop stamped on 
the back, maybe just contractual obligation.  Write to Julie about it.
At least you're still in one piece, look at me - C3P0

Jim Cooper