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in case you missed it

if you're as impatient as i am you deleted
that bulky accidental repost of the list
digest from sick-n-tired-l.  here's the 
bit that i was going to clip out for you...

sick-n-tired-l has regular weekly summaries
of what's been going on on various music
lists on the internet -- here's two from
the latest digest...


********* SEBADOH-L

Sloan list bugaboo Michael Catano rankles sebadoh-l list
administrator over his irresponsible handling of the _Bakesale_ Party-Pak
Though the Pak managed to make its way around the world over the summer,
it is now reportedly M.I.A. somewhere in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where,
presumably, Mike is sitting on it.  The next destination of the Party-Pak
is L.A.  L.A. hosts are bummed that they'll have to reschedule their party
completely, but are dealing admirably well with the inconvenience.  The
Frantzine versus Spiffy Bake-off will commence soon.  2 or 3 more judges
are required for the panel of culinary experts.  _Local Band Feel_ the
latest Sebadoh bootleg is by turns deemed okay and not a waste of money
and then trashed as a veritable piece of shit.  Bootlegging ethics are
called into question. 

********* SLOAN:  
skaterock reviews: NOFX vs. Sloan on the issue of fan support (NOFX 
has more fans), discussion of Rebecca West New Yorker contributor 
including a complete, detailed, timeline of her life.  Can you lump 
firehose & descendents in the same catagory?  Nevermind, someone 
just did. Ethics of playing covers songs (if you play "Rio" for your 
girlfriend who's a big Duran Duran song it is OK)   Export A's now 
backing the "new music night" at the Oasis.  What is the world 
coming to?  
The coolest thing about vinyl is the smell, although a new PC and new 
drum heads have similarly unique and cool smells.
opportunity to interview Moist, Moist derided by historically 
argumentative list member  ("I must have it, I hate them more than 
anything, this will make my year").  Lengthy discussion of 
journalims,  objectivity, interview, and how much everyone despises 


i just thought that both of these were so funny i couldn't help
but repost them...  kudos to whatever anonymous party writes these...


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