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Re: bubaiskull?

Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca> noted...

}mike g

So is this list!  We need a good flamewar!

I just picked up a copy of November's Earcandy (The Dalhousie Radio CKDU 
program guide, for any out-of-towners) and it lists Chris Murphy on staff 
as "Delivery Boy" :)

I'm sure this is an old joke, but does anyone know the story?? 

P.S. Anybody with a show, please advertise here!  What's the name & 
timeslot? I know James Covey's Cod Is My Copilot and Mike Catano's 
Speeding Motorcycle, and Stinkin' Rich aka DJ Critical does the Bassment,
Anybody else?  Techno?  You see, they don't print the DJ's names anymore 
in the table, so I'm kinda lost.  And too many of the shows are listed as 
"open Format", which I suppose means the DJ plays whatever the hell s/he 
wants.  So if any of you netters or any other relatively important 
scenesters/bandmembers have shows, pass it on!

And for those of you outside CKDU's 50-watt radius, sorry to bother you...