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Re: the oven boys...

Jonathan Dacey <SBAILLY\!/LINDEN.MSVU.CA> noted...

}cool to see someone appreciated the awesome free jazz prowess of raleigh spor
}drummer mike catano and the underdogs..i missed them ..was at hp the same

I think I'd have chosen the jazz gig.  Sorry I missed ya, Mike, it was 
probably a cool show.

}anyhow a word about the oven boys...
}the name stems from a pretty gross and tasteless nickname for jews (and thats
}where they got it) and i heard they made rude remarks about gays at the show 
}(i think) anyhow its to bad that this kind of stuff exists ...
}pc jon

The same pc jon who calls a total stranger a "cocksucking asswipe"?
Please pick a side of the fence.  It's definitely too bad that this stuff 
exists, especially when people who preach against it still practise it 
(nor do I claim to be innocent).

Besides, there's nothing wrong with being a cocksucker, as long as you 
either master the theory and techniques or show particular artistic merit 
to make up for your lack of talent and/or experience.  Otherwise, you 
suck!  :)

Sorry folks, I couldn't pass that one up.  I figured some fraction of the 
audience could appreciate a bit of wit after all this endless haranguing.