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Re: sloan on cbc

Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca> corrected me with..

}> Bruce played here at the Pop Explosion and 
}> was a big hit, even though the general consensus is that Bob Wiseman's 
}> band, who backed him up, blew.  I agree, but I'd hate to impress my 
}> opinions on anyone.
}I think that the general concensus was that BOB WISEMAN blew. That's my
}opinion anyway - he sucked and he played WAY too long. 
}His band, on the other hand, were smokin'. Escpecially the bassist.

My apologies.  That's actually what I meant.  The band was just fine with 
Bruce, but after what seemed like about 2 hours of Bob, they sounded pretty 

Andrew (Doors Fan)

"This music *speaks* to me!!"-- Steve Martin, _The Jerk_
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