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eric herself

Ever notice that a certain Tristan Psionic song, the name of
which I cannot remember because it's too damn early in the
morning, sounds, mmm, pretty much the same as ``Sloan Song'' from
Songs about Chris?
I'm only posting this because I think there is a severe lack of
discussion on eric's trip. I'm also wondering how I might obtain
some Purple Knight, our campus station was supposed to have some,
but it ain't there. Also I'm kind of looking for very early Eric's Trip
stuff, like catapillar, drowning, belong, julie and the porthole
to dementia, float/trapped in ny (ok, that's not really early
stuff, but I don't have it), and the first eric's trip s/t
cassette. Anyone?
     While I'm posting dumb questions and stuff that may have
already been up here before, does anyone know the ages of Rick,
Julie, and Chris? I know Mark is about 31 now, but isn't he like
years ahead of the rest of them?
      :)    :)   :)  just writing about eric's trip makes it all
better again. Like a hug from mom.

                 hugs and kisses,

                   T  A  R  A

``They have such die hard fans. Like if anyone ever said eric's
trip sucked, `I will kill you.' You know, fans like that.''
                 - chris murphy, september 12, 1994