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even more sloan interview

O.K., so maybe it was too negative of me to start talking about Halifax's
"scene", and my own percieved problems in it, I thought I'd make up for 
it by posting something really silly from the interview I did with 
Chris Murphy almost 2 years ago.  I asked him what he described as "total 
Shaun Cassidy questions", and normally I wouldn't bother repeating the 
answers, but Sloan net people might actually enjoy it. So here's his:

favorite color:"I always say black and silver, because Ace Frehley wore 
black and silver all over."

favorite films:"I like all those macho, bloody , boy movies.  I like all 
those Scorcese/DiNero [am I spelling these names right?] pictures, like 
Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, [etc, etc].  I also like Star Wars 
a lot.  I like a lot of movies."

favorite food:"I'm a vegetarian, and I just ate an amazing meal at Curry 
Village.  I'm not that strict though, sometimes to freak my friends out, 
I'll have a bite of their cold cut sub."

favorite book:"I'm totally ill read.  Even though I have an English 
degree, I never read, so I guess my favorite book is the KISS novel [Is 
this an actual title?]

favorite album of all time: "[I can't make it out on the tape] by My 
Bloody Valentine." 

I thought it was really fun.  And, jonathan, don't you dare tell me that 
this was pointless!  It's SLOAN net, people are allowed to talk about 
SLOAN! 			Have a great day, everybody!