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Re: Sloan's name

well, i suppose i may as well take my best crack at trying to compile a 
discography of sloan...somebody's bound to do it.

-Hear and Now '92 (1992) contained the first avail. version of
                         'underwhelmed' (cd/cass)
-Cod Can't Hear (1992) live version of 'ragdoll' from peppermint ep
                       release gig (cd/cass)
-Back To The Garden (1992) cover of joni mitchell's 'a case of you'
-DGC Rarities (1994) contains 'stove/smother' from the sloan/et
                     split single (cd/cass)

albums & ep
i suppose this part is pretty obvious, but anyway...

-peppermint ep (1992) 1st murder release, 6 tracks (cd/cass)
-smeared (1992) 1st geffen release, 12 tracks (cd/cass)
-twice removed (1994) 2nd geffen release (cd/cass/ltd.ed.vinyl through

-underwhelmed (1992,u.k.) includes 'amped' and 'sleepover'
                          (cd/12" vinyl with endless groove
                           on sleepover)
-i am the cancer (1993,u.k.) includes 'ragdoll' and 'laying blame'
                             (cd/12" vinyl)

promo cd singles
-underwhelmed (1992,u.s.) 1 track (you guessed it...)
-sugartune (1992,can.) 1 track (...)
-take it in (1992,u.s. release only) also included 'ragdoll' and
                                     'laying blame'

7" single/flexi
-'stove/smother' (1994) split single with eric's trip
-'coax me (icks nay...)' and 'one professional care' (1994) flexi-single

related recordings
-Black Pool "We The Living" (1991) has chris playing bass and singing 
                                   back up while he was in sloan as well
                                   (cd/cass, was an MCA release)
-...not if i smell you first (1994) compilation which has a song called
                                    'gimme the keys' by otis haynes which
                                    is sung by patrick and chris (cd only)
-i think there may also be some tapes lying around in boxes or even still
 in the tape decks of a few people who are lucky enough to have some stuff
 by Kearney Lake Rd., a pre sloan band which featured chris and jay.

     i'm sure my discography is probably very long winded, but it may 
help some people...and may aggrivate a few who may try to search things 
out. i'm still searching for some of this stuff. if anyone knows of 
anything else....like maybe promo singles from the new album?

                                                 gears, shant.