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fab new sloan zine

     Dear sloan freaks everywhere - 


     ON THE BLOCK!!!!!!!!

Ok, kids, here's the deal. I have just spent the last two months
of my life putting out a lovely 48 page fanzine about that crazy
east coast sound we all love so much. Now, you're probably
thinking to yourself, ``um, isn't there already a tara on sloanet
putting out a zine?''

     You would be correct, but guess what? I am not that tara. I
am the tara with the glowing red head. My `zine is called.....

                     JOEY JOEY
   Wow, can you believe that kind of magic?

Anyway, it's received the stamp of approval from Treble Charger
so it must really rock.

I'm sorry for sounding so egotistical but I am actually proud of
something I have done for the first time in my short life.
	Jesse says ``rrrrrawk'' and he knows.

um, if you're at all interested in receiving the `zine - did I
mention they are hand coloured and feature many poor quality
photos of Chris and the gang, also thrush hermit and more plus
they're 48 fun packed pages?- please either e-mail me with your
address and a promise to send me a few measly dollars or else
write me at 

       joey joey
       #703 617-15 ave. S.W.
       Calgary, Alberta   -rawk capital of the prairies-
       T2R 0R4   Canada, eh?

Oh yeah, please someone down in Halifax/Moncton say happy belated
birthday to Chris and also way to go Julie when she finally has
that baby? Sorry for being so lame.

		jesse says:
			"JOey JOey, chock full of raisiney goodness"

  OK, i've talked for too long. I hope you'll all want to be part
of the colouring hoedown that is joey joey. two to five dollars
plus a bit of postage would be wicked.

  I look forward to hearing from all eight million of you sloan
and eric's trip fans.

                                hugs and kisses galore,

                                 T  A  R  A
                 ``a madness ensues geeks run amok production''