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Re: Sloan's name


i happen to have a handy eric's trip bio in my hands right now

cassette only:
eric's trip cassette 12/90
catapillar ep cassette 4/91
drowning ep cassette 8/91
warm girl cassette 1/92
peter demo cassette 8/91

belong 7" (nim records) 7/92
never mind the mollusks comp 7" (sub pop) 3/93
songs about chris 7" (sub pop) 4/93
julie and the porthole to dementia (sappy) 7/93
warm girl (derivative) 2/94
float/trapped in ny (summershine-australia) 5/94
eric's trip/sloan split single (cinnamon toast) 5/94
gordon street haunting (sub-pop - canada) 5/94

n.i.m. live comp. cass 6/91
fish & shit comp. cass 11/91
n.i.m. comp 10" 11/91
six feet under comp. cass 1/93
raw energy comp. cd/cass 1/93
smell ya later comp. cd (sonic unyon) 3/94

peter ep cd/cass (murderecords) 3/93
love tara cd/cass/12" (sub pop) 10/93
forever again cd/cass/12" sub pop 9/94

i hope this helps!

:) megan