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gig/gossip/thalia zedek vs. allison outhit

rebecca west were simply outstanding at the oasis last night.

for those who don't know who this band is, let me explain a bit.
rebecca west is the creation of allison outhit, who was a member
of bubaiskull, who in their prime were considered the best band
in halifax.  yes, it's another band named after a person.
confusing, huh?  jim cooper says that rebecca west was h.g. wells'
mistress.  anyone else know about that?

the original lineup, that played the pop explosion, featured
her brother stephen on bass.  the drummer is dale hussey from merge.

last night, rebecca west premiered a new bassist -- lucas pierce,
formerly of the gluetones, former ckdu music director, and the guy
who does the background tape stuff for horseshoes and handgrenades.
it was like the band had finally found its edge.  i had some 
reservations about rebecca west when i saw them for the first time
at the pop explosion.  they sounded a *lot* like hardship post,
and stephen outhit plays really fine bass but he constantly jumps
around the stage with this huge grin on his face which begins to
wear on one's nerves.

by contrast, lucas had a more laid-back but intense demeanor, 
which is the only behaviour that makes sense of allison's cool
but edgy sound.  lucas' style combined with the small club 
atmosphere at the oasis seemed to liberate allison -- she hit
whole new levels of, well, raw intensity.  suddenly the shorter,
poppier, hardshipesque numbers weren't the focus of the show.
the longer, moodier stuff emerged as the real center of the
performance.  i couldn't see the stage very well from where
i was standing but i'm told that lucas was using a steak knife
as a bow for his bass at one point!  is this true?

i'm also told that lucas is permanently with the band, which
seems like good news to me.

i don't think this comparison is forced -- i think that when
allison let loose last night her raspy vocals were very
reminiscent of thalia zedek, the lead singer of come.  i
mentioned this to colin mackenzie and he said that allison
is a big fan of liveskull (that was one of zedek's bands
before come, along with uzi).

colin is one of the cinnamon toast people -- they've just
got a grant to record a full-length record with rebecca
west and take them out on tour.  suddenly i'm much more
excited about the idea.  apparently brenndan macguire,
who engineered the jale l.p., will record and co-produce
this record.

other gossip:

-	superfriendz will also record an l.p. with brenndan.
	it will be the first full-lengther for murderecords.

-	thrush hermit did indeed record a five-or-six-song
	e.p. with steve albini in chicago.  the result is
	reportedly "very raw," and drummer cliff gibb tells
	me the band don't know who they will put it out with.
	they have a pipe dream of putting it out as a 
	12-inch 45rpm picture disc.  i say, go for it!

-	peter boileau of horseshoes & handgrenades is planning
	to be back in halifax in two weeks' time.  who knows
	what will happen then, but i hope it means that the
	band will be gigging again in the near future.

by the way, leonard conan were the opening act last night.
it was very mellow, compared to their last halifax gig,
which was almost a year ago.  the new lineup features jim
from the original blackpool on bass, and barry from cool
blue halo on drums.  they are still in the process of
tightening things up.  decent set but no surprises.


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