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more of that Sloan interview

Hi there!  Sorry this took so long to post, I lost the tape with the 
interview, but now everything is great.

So, I was talking to Chris Murphy about the Sloan records released up to 
that point (Jan 16th or 17th, '92) and he said:

	All these songs [on Peppermint] like marcus said, Underwhelmed, 
Sugartune and torn were done in December [1990, I think].  We did pretty 
voice on that day but it wasn't finished until later.  "lucky for me" was 
recorded later, like in March and they were all done in Terry Pulliam's 
studio. The songs were rerecorded [for Smeared] all before we signed.  We 
knew that we were going to put out a record with some label after 
Peppermint, with Underwhelmed as a single.
	The cover of Peppermint is a guy named Jason Larson.  He is the 
guy whose actual nickname is "Sloan".  This cover was taken from a 
Polaroid that I took of him in Jan. 1990 at a show, when I played with 
Kearney Lake Rd. [Jay from Sloan was also in this band]  Kearney Lake Rd. 
had a record that was recorded and mixed, except we didn't put it out 
'cause we thought we weren't going to get along with each other, and we 
were going to call our record "Sloan".  Sloan got his nickname from his 
boss who called him the "slow one", the "slo-an" [He sounds it out a few 
times for emphasis]
	And on the other record, on Smeared, the artwork is another 
Polaroid that I took of my friends Martha, Fiona and Dave Marsh 
[spelling?]. And [the picture] was done at the same time as the record, 
so there's sort of a theme. I put it over a stove and that kind of messed 
up the colurs, and then I drew on it with a key which made it very 
orange.  The pink on the record cover is sort of a computer enhanced pink 
that wasn't on the actual picture.

[O.K.!  So you can insert that into what I'd written before.
As the interview coninued, I asked him about the attention that Sloan had 
gotten, and how this interview stacked up to other ones he's done, and 
here's his response]

	A lot of the time, we've had interviews, and the angle is what a 
freak of  nature we are, instead of, "these guys are a really great 
band".  We get  asked about Nirvana a lot, and we all like Nirvana, but I 
don't think that we're incredibly like them. 
	We always get called "grunge rock", which just sort of drives me 
crazy.  It doesn't separate us from other grunge bands that I don't have 
any affinity for, but I guess it separates us from Alabama.

[So there you go.  I'll post more next chance I get.

I suppose I should tell people not to worship me, although it brightened 
my day to hear. 

 Jonathan- give me back my catalog, and stop babbling about it!  You've 
made too many "fanboy" references for me to seriously take your warning about
abusing the Sloan net.

I don't want to be negative, but after reading the remarks about Murder 
records putting out all types of records, and hearing about Halifax's 
healthy scene, am I the only one who has noticed a lack of attention to 
newer music around here?  I completely admire and respect the efforts 
people have made to promote the bands from Halifax who have done big 
things, but I think this support network has reached a point where it's 
more exclusive than inclusive. I'm sure that the problems with 
performance space in the city have a lot to do with it, and things are 
still growing and adjusting to the attention Halifax has had, but there's 
more to it than that.  I don't know what. Can anybody relate to that and 
maybe suggest something that could be done?
				Peace, love, and Sloan songs,