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Re: Xmas

}From:           Derek Gates <dgates\!/alchemy.chem.utoronto.ca>

}Any plans on there being a KissMas show in Halifax this holiday
}season?  That was very kool last year!!  I especially liked the
}rapper guy...  If anyone sees any of the Sloan guys...suggest that
}they make it an annual event!

FYI, "the rapper guy" was Stinkin' Rich, and his self-penned "Kiss My Ass" 
was a show stealer.  I don't know if they'd do it again, but since Sloan 
will apparently be in town a few months, one never knows...

The bill also featured Madhat and Thrush Hermit.  I'm sure there are other 
bands out there who'd have fun destroying some old Kiss songs.