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so today i pulled a cassette from the new release rack
at ckdu-fm and played a couple of songs on the stereo
in the music library.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EARS.
this new halifax band sounds JUST LIKE SLOAN.  well
actually, the first song sounded kinda like thrush
hermit as well, but that's not much of a stretch.
they've even got a vocalist who sounds like chris 
murphy (his name, i kid you not, is "chris loane").  
i hear that he looks like redd kross' lead singer.  :-)
damien dunphy is in this band, you might remember him 
from spike n.  the thing is, it's not a cheap knockoff.
it's a well-recorded, well-produced tape (laurence currie
recorded it at adinsound, same guy who did the spine tape).
the music is really tight.  the bass work is credited to
"schroeder".  wonder who that really is.

the kicker is, the name of this band is "grace babies".
some of you nonhaligonians may be wondering what a 
grace baby is.  that's anyone born at the grace maternity
hospital, which means most halifax natives since it's
the only maternity hospital around.  you couldn't want
a more perfectly ironic name for a halifax rock band.

it had to happen sooner or later.


about the eric's trip review.  i thought it was very
insightful.  i think it's a good summary of the record.
i think that i'm a diehard fan, though, because i like
the record for some of the reasons the reviewer dissed
it.  the record is *undeniably* their most introspective
to date.  _love tara_ is a better choice is you want
more of a balance between the quiet melancholy and
full-on rock.  _forever again_ is heavy on melancholy.


coming events in halifax:

mon nov 21 4p.m. green room -- brave new waves panel discussion taping
it's FREE and bob weston (shellac, volcano suns, producer of sloan, jale,
velocity girl, archers of loaf, etc etc etc) is one of the panellists.
the subject is vinyl vs. compact disc, maybe some of us sloannetters can
show up and duke this one out.  :-)

shows at the OASIS club:

nov 19  rebecca west
nov 26  hardship post
dec 3   coyote

all shows presented by ckdu & decent

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