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Re: sloan gig review/interview

FYI, as published in last week's Dal Gazette, (Nov 10).
Titled "Insert witty Sloan headline here" with a Mike Graham photo.

}SLOAN  Brunswick Hall gig 11/5 review by James Covey
}a year to an appreciative and decidedly young audience,
}about 750 strong, on Saturday night at Brunswick Hall.  The

Does the Brunswick really hold that many people?  Where'd you get that 
figure, is it a box-office count?

}view of the band.  Bodysurfing was copious and continuous
}until guitarist Patrick Pentland laid down the law about
}the potential hazards of knocking down rows of heavy lights
}on unsuspecting skulls.  The young fans at the front of the

That only stopped them until the encore, when eveerybody though it would 
be the ultimate coolness to give the bouncers something to do.

}than ever.  The audience was also treated to a smoothed-out
}version of "Torn" from the band's debut release, the

I hated this.  Sorry.  It was so lifeless and robotic at that tempo.

}        The show featured a couple of opening numbers by
}Halifax's own dope MC Stinkin' Rich (by all accounts
}excellent, although I unintentionally missed him), as well

Great, but too short.  Give the man a stage, please.  He obviously knows 
more than 2 songs, let him perform them!

}as opening sets by tighter-than-ever garage rockers The
}Superfriendz and Truro trailer-park hiphoppers with what
}was truly a show-stealing performance.  Highlights included


}a superior rendition of "Kick Him in the Face When He's
}Down" (what does it say about me that I like this song?)

I don't think the song promotes violence.  I think they're saying how 
awful it is to kick someone when they're down.  The tempo and the power of 
the vocals makes the song sound violent.

}and an excellent set-ending rock-rap collaboration
}featuring The Superfriendz.

Although I liked their HPE closing number better for some reason.  Maybe 
it was guest formerly of Essen Matt Kelly's bass licks.

}        When asked if a liquor license for Brunswick Hall
}would induce Sloan to play Halifax more often, Jay says,

Uh, don't they have one, or are they in limbo?  They had one when they 

}like."  Murder will soon stretch its reach, though, and put
}out a single by Montreal's Local Rabbits.  Sloan may also

Poor choice of band, IMHO.