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Re: Cash Bar

> Whoops!  Got that bacwards ... you get the point tho.
> > 
> > }But bar shows still suck. I assume they do it for the money, 'coz if they 
> > }didn't, they couldn't tour.  Ah well.
> > 
> > Only for an indie.  Real major-label bands make their money on 
> > merchandising (licensing their image for t-shirts, etc.)  Record sales and 
> > tours are lucky to break even.  Am I right, Joyce?
> > --
> But if they are consistantly not breaking even on tours, and not selling 
> tonnes of t-shirts (I don't think Sloan have shirts in Sessions, or 
> anything like that), then you've got a problem.
> xmikex

You would be amazed at how much tour support money bands take from their 
record labels, well into their careers.  There are major label bands out 
there making $350 per night and riding around in a tour bus that costs 
$350 a day.  You do the math.  There's transportation, hotels, crew 
salaries, band salaries, equipment and on and on and on.  Merchandise can 
be a good source of income.  Touring costs and arm and a leg, but you do 
it even if you're losing money, because the theory is that if you play 
for people who are not all that familiar with you, they'll buy your 
records (provided you don't suck, of course).